Cancan! book pictures Cancan! book pictures Mlle Clairette Troupe Sabine Leroc of the Troupe de Mlle Clairette performing a magnificent grand écart (photo by Francis Campiglia) 102788365 Alice la Provençale Alice la Provençale was one of the most well-known cancan dancers in the 1860s. 102786442 The Saucy Tarts The Saucy Tarts of Toronto, Canada (photo by Peter Bevan, aka "Sammy Snapshot") 102788362 Le Cancan Bijou Le Cancan Bijou performing at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco (photo by Raymond Van Tassel 102788128 Red Hot Frilly Kickers The Red Hot Frilly Kickers, based in Bristol, England. 102788363 Ballroom Cancan Angela Elsey and Dave Hedges re-creating the ballroom cancan of the 1840s (photo by Patrick Tower) 102788364 The Dancehall Darlings The Dancehall Darlings of River Crossing's Silver Screen Saloon Show (photo by Ira Yawnick) 104307526 Elysee-Montmartre A poster for the famous Elysée-Montmartre dance-hall in Paris, as reproduced in Le Courrier français 102786441 French Fling French Fling entertaining commuters on the Glasgow Subway (photo by Loraine Ross) 104201158